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Artist's block #1 by AntOnADog Artist's block #1 by AntOnADog
I'm sorry I haven't uploaded in a while, and I blame this partly on having artist's block. Recently things have been going well for me life-wise, and for some reason whatever motivated me to draw before hasn't really shown itself long enough for me to invest into a proper drawing. Also my current laptop has been incredibly glitchy and broken, making it really frustrating to draw (instead of enjoyable, which is what I go for). I'm saving up for a new tablet soo I should be ordering that soonish. Additionally I've been having some major thoughts about the direction of my comic, mainly what art style I should use (the original simplistic one or the new, time-consuming detailed one), soo that's made me not do that for a bit. Finally it's currently summer holidays in Oz and it average's about 30 degree C, sooo I've been lazy AF. When the new tablet comes I should be good, but until then I'm gonna finish the current page of the comic and maybe work on a another Cafewatch thing (rioda that's you). In the meantime I hope you guys are having wonderful holidays, and I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!
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December 25, 2016
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