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Wyden character sheet (Midromeda OC Contest) by AntOnADog Wyden character sheet (Midromeda OC Contest) by AntOnADog

All know the name Alastair Van Wyden. Some fear it, others rejoice it, and all respect it. Once the most feared pirate in all the seas, he now contents himself with the exploration and preservation of the undersea cities which many once called home. These sunken cities of the old world have fascinated him since his youth, as he regularly makes his way below to unearth and protect its secrets. His obsession with the old world led to his mastery of the ancient arts of fencing, wake-boarding and sailing. That being said he is still knowledgeable in the mystic arts, as demonstrated by his extensive use of the Gauntlet of Zambia, a supposedly cursed artefact permanently attached to his right forearm. The gauntlet, along with his sword, were two of many mysterious artefacts acquired from his undersea explorations. Undyingly loyal to his friends, and ruthless to his enemies, it is not hard to see why he is so respected.

The Man

Wyden however never intended to be a pirate. His father, Alexander Van Wyden, was a sea-faring archaeologist whose ship was raided during a dive. Alexander’s fate is unknown but the young Alastair was subsequently forced to work for his kidnappers aboard the Neptune’s Breath under captain Victor Baltimore. During this time the young Wyden learned many things about the arts of piracy. His gifts of a sharp mind and an uncanny ability to win loyalty allowed him to overthrow Baltimore, taking control of the ship at 18 years of age. However his time aboard the Neptune’s Breath had made him a criminal, forcing him into a very successful life of Piracy.

The Megalodon

Neptune’s Breath undertook heavy damage after an encounter with an airship. While the ship survived, the encounter forced Wyden to completely overhaul its design. Thus the Megalodon was born: A lightweight schooner composed of both metal and traditional wood. It’s reliance on wind power led many to question its effectiveness, namely from the late airship captain Alfred Wright, whose airship crashed after the Megalodon rammed it out of the sky. This may or may not have been possible due to the multiple light-weight jet engines attached to its rear. Nobody questioned Wyden’s methods again, and the ship gain notoriety throughout the seas.

The Taptain

It would be later in his career when Wyden encountered the young runaway known as Tap. After encountering her twice drifting between ports, Wyden took Tap under his wing when learning of her desire to become a pirate. The two got along famously, as their shared desire to learn was complemented by their unique experiences: while Wyden taught Tap swordplay, sailing, leadership she in turn taught him of the wonders of Vikings, anime and shipping. However it was not to last, Wyden’s wishes to spare Tap from the darker sides of their profession, coupled with Tap’s desire to build her own ship and crew, severely fractured their relationship. Then one fateful day after a heated argument the two engaged in a furious duel aboard the Megalodon, which only ended with Tap’s escape. Since then Wyden retired from piracy, using a large portion of his accumulated wealth to clear any legal troubles. Tap herself became a captain of her own pirate ship, and some say her choice of an airship was done purely to spite Wyden. Nonetheless the two have not seen each other since.


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SeikoloveyCakes Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Student Digital Artist
So this is your submission? Alright. If you feel like it is truly ready to be submitted to the contest then please submit it to the DA Midromeda group Gallery: midromedaofficial.deviantart.c…
scroll to the bottom and you should be able to see a folder that says "OC Contest." At the right side you should see a plus sign, just click that, then click this piece and then submit. 

If you want me to, i can tell you a few things that stuck out to me. If not, you are free to submit this now. 
Best of luck to you Ant!
AntOnADog Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks aiz, what stuck out though?
SeikoloveyCakes Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Student Digital Artist
main thing to me is the gauntlet. It looks like a very important part of the design, but in terms of his backstory, it doesnt really seem that important. in fact, i dont think I saw it mentioned once in your backstory. Sure i do see that he is knowledgeable with magic and all, but what of the gauntlet? I know it seems like a minor thing, and i do see that the design shows what the gauntlet does. But im mainly curious on the gauntlet and the tattoo that is under the gauntlet. Especially since the gauntlet is something that he has all the time, there might come a time where tap asks him "Where did you get that by the way?" 

that is the main issue i see. minor but even the minor details matter, especially in a character design. 
Frankbuscus1 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome character
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